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Our Passion & Our Mission

Hello and welcome to West Coast Betta.  We are a home based business located in the Lower Mainland of beautiful British Columbia, Canada and we are dedicated to breeding and raising beautiful, healthy Betta fish for you to care for and enjoy. 

Betta "Siamese fighting fish" are a popular breed of fish that originate in Asia and come in an incredible variety of colours and species. Males tend to be larger than females and typically show more extravagant fin features and colours. 

As with all pets, fish are no exception when it comes to needing care and attention, and Betta fish can live up to 3 -5 years. Highly intelligent and contrary to popular belief Betta fish need and enjoy tanks that provide adequate room to swim and explore.  

Thinking of adding a Betta to your family, we highly recommend conducting research to ensure your lifestyle is ready to accommodate caring for a Betta fish prior to purchasing.  

Breeding healthy and happy fish is our #1 goal along with finding caring, educated and happy families. If you're looking to purchase a new Betta or learn more about these incredible fish we are here to help!

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